Pair of Antique Sevres Urns

New Orleans is a city of so many gorgoeus design aesthetics.  There are so many amazing antique shops and curators in this city, I'm lucky to be able to go wander through these stores and be among the beautiful finds. 


At an estate sale (of an antique store owner) I found these two, perfect condition, Sevres urns with lids.  Handpainted with gold detail, they're incredible in person.


Use as statement pieces on your mantle or as vases for giant floral branches.  I'm a firm believer that if you have it, use it- regardless of how old/fancy it is (just don't break it).


Sevres is a famous French porcelain company founded in 1756.   If you have a minute, you should google it.  It involves Madame Pompadour, Napoleon and the French Government.  Really interesting.  


Approx Dimensions

15" in height, 11" wide by 9" deep    

Pair of Antique Sevres Urns

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