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Our Fave Blue & White Pieces for Fall 2023

Updated: Jan 7

Here's a quick roundup of some of our favorite blue and white pieces, including vintage, antiques and handpainted new pieces.

girl putting flowers into a blue and white vase

A little fact about House of Modern Vintage: I actually started the site because of all the extra vintage blue and white vases we had accumulated at our floral studio, Leaf + Petal NOLA.

For my wedding in New Orleans in 2018, we (I say 'we' lightly- my husband was like 'what is chinoiserie?') chose tables overflowing with blue and white chinoiserie decor including vases, ginger jars and tea jars. It was featured on Martha Stewart, you can check it out here for all sorts of blue & white wedding inspo.

But afterwards, I had collected about 60-70 blue and white pieces and wasn't sure what to do with them all. So began House of Modern Vintage.

Collecting Vintage Blue & White Pieces

I seem to have a revolving door of vintage and antiques pieces that I've recovered from estate sales here in New Orleans. For our overall collection we offer on House of Modern Vintage, we usually aim for about a 50/50 mix of antique collected pieces and sourced new blue and white pieces.

So overall, a curated collection of new and old.

a rose in blue and white cache pots

My latest little blue and white obsession are these small little cache pots. Great as simple decor but I pop all my orchids in them and they're the perfect size for a little blue and white planter. Beautifully hides the fact that while I'm a floral designer, I can't keep an orchid alive.

a living room setting with a blue and white garden stool and branches in a vase

Blue & White Garden Stools

Recently, but if I'm being honest redecorating my house is a never-ending project, I created a vignette in the front of our house to fill extra space.

I was aiming to mix some modern pieces with a couple antiques to soften the whole look.

I added a couple blue and white pieces to our new dark green velvet Anthro loveseat and marquetry entry table.

So, I love a garden stool. Like can't say enough- I love them inside, I love them outside; I think I currently have three in our living room alone. This hand painted lotus motif one, along with our new globe style blue and white vase, are my two favorite pieces currently on the site.

Throw some cut branches in the globe vase and call it a day.

a blue and white ginger jar with green snowball viburnum on a wicker storage side table

Blue & White Ginger Jars

We've collected ginger jars and tea jars in every size but I'm always partial to any larger piece I can add florals to- it's the florist in me.

This one is my current fave large ginger jar style with hand painted peonies on it.

Actually the stars of this pic are the snowball viburnum and the wicker storage side table. The reason you don't see my toddler's blocks on the floor is solely due to this table. Stylish AND functional.

Blue & White Foo Dogs

And lastly, one of our best sellers, these gorgeous blue and white hand painted foo dogs are perfect for an entry way accessory or a beautiful bookcase display.

I have a set currently taking up residence on my entry table- I'll take all the prosperity, success and guardianship I can get. But we also have them coming in PINK coming soon. Prosperity in pink.

blue and white foo dogs sitting in a brass tray

Find these gorgeous blue and white foo dogs here

Thanks for checking out a few of my current favorites but check out our entire collection of Blue & White pieces with new collection pieces added daily.

We actually have a swoon-worthy 25" hand painted ginger jar with foo dog accents coming soon, I can't wait!

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